About Us

What we really do. Learn about the society that continually seeks the best for students.

Uniting mathematicians, econometricians and computer scientists, UNSW DataSoc seeks to empower our members with knowledge and skills of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Our Goals

  • DataSoc aims to become Australia’s leading student run society platform in assisting students on achieving their data science career goals.

  • We strive to create the data science related opportunities for students in their studies and careers alike. We host information sessions, networking evenings, and many more career-focused events that could help open new pathways for students.

  • We aim to enrich students' lives with a sense of community and diversity among UNSW data science students. We host a list of various social activities such as BBQs, competitions, etc. that welcome everyone to attend and meet like minded people.

  • We want to support data science students in their studies with DataSoc’s help sessions, workshops and peer supporters.

  • With this, DataSoc aims to make your university experience even more fun and fulfilling, whilst maximizing your employment opportunity and career progression in data science.

"Opportunities don't happen. You create them."

Our Values

Our successes to date could not have be achieved without our thriving subcommittee teams year after year. Here are our core values that persists amongst all portfolios:

  • Learn continuously and effectively

    We seek to provide innovative and meaningful experiences for students, adapting to change and committing to ongoing development. We highly encourage you to actively seek ways to improve and find new ways to solve problems.

  • Have a good time

    At DataSoc, it is important to us that every experience here is a constructive and positive one. After every event and every meeting, we want you all to be leaving with a smile and a new friend!

  • Be the best at what you do

    What distinguishes DataSoc members from others, despite having all different areas and expertise? It's the passion that we bring to everything we do. We approach every task with confidence, seize all opportunities and never settle for "acceptable".

  • Take ownership and be transparent

    As the DataSoc team, we celebrate the individual work and achievement of others, but must also be accountable for the tasks to which we have committed and see through what we started.

Our History

  • April, 2017

    DataSoc was founded along side its very first iteration of the official website!

  • May, 2017

    DataSoc announces and hosts its first ever event:
    Meet the representatives of Tableau Software, and get to know the power of Tableau in AI and modern data science.

  • June, 2017

    DataSoc hosts its first ever networking night with Alibaba, Suncorp, Bupa, and many more.

  • March, 2018

    DataSoc celebrates 1000 likes and 1000+ follows on Facebook! This month also marks the beginning of DataSoc's Weekly Data Discoveries tradition that continues to this day in our newsletters!

  • September, 2019

    As we celebrate 2000 likes on Facebook, we hosted our first ever international datathon in conjunction with Tsinghua University's Institute of Data Science!

  • March, 2020

    DataSoc's website undergoes a modern transformation as we double our subcommitee team.