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Essential Skills Checklist for Aspiring Data Scentists

Published 28 Sep 2020

So you want to get hired as a data scientist, but just what skills do you need to qualify for the job?

At DataSoc, we care about you and your career opportunities, and we want you to get your dream job in your dream field (assuming it’s data science. This might not be the blog post for you if you’re an aspiring screenwriter). So, today, we present a checklist of essential skills for every data scientists.

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Natural Language Processing: The Love Child of Machine Learning and Linguistics

Published 09 Sep 2020

Languages are, at their basis, systems for organizing smaller, less meaningful components into larger, more meaningful components. A string of sounds is a word, a string of words makes a sentences, a series of sentences becomes a paragraph, and enough paragraphs make a book, an essay, a speech, or whatever other form one might envision. Language – text, speech, tweets and so on – is one of the most common forms of data we are exposed to and produce. It’s one of the primary forms of human communication – but while we understand each other perfectly fine, is it possible for the computer to understand, and even participate, as well?

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How people lie to your face – with factual numbers.

Published 17 Aug 2020

“Numbers don’t lie…but people do.

As data-literate individuals in a data-drenched world, we need to keep our wits about us and retain our critical thinking when people present us with studies and visualisations that seem to have all the answers. Here’s why, with some examples.

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Why bother with Uni Societies?

Published 18 Jul 2020

Societies are a polarising subject among students - depending on who you ask, you may hear that “You have to participate in a uni society for your career!” or “Societies are toxic and cult-like”. So what’s the big deal? What are societies, why should you get involved, and why shouldn’t you get involved?

In other words, Why bother?”

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The Laborious Process of Pinning Down Data Science: A Tragedy in Five Acts

Published 18 Jul 2020

As a society whose name and purpose revolves around the field of data science, it seems fitting to take a step back and examine data science itself. What constitutes this degree and this career? It might be ‘the sexiest job of the 20th century’, but sexy is hardly precise or specific, especially when the subject is an academic field rather than the aesthetic appreciation of the human (or non-human) body.

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Data Science and Data Analytics: What’s the Difference?

Published 18 Jul 2020

More often than not, anything to do with data processing gets grouped under the umbrella term of data science. This can lead to bewilderment when terms such as data analytics come up, which, while sometimes used interchangeably with data science is in actuality reference an interconnected but distinct field. Both areas ripe with opportunity and worthy of study, it is important and useful to distinguish between them, and the differing skillsets they require and roles the play in the industry.

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